Jan 3, 2009

Logitech RX 1500 Review

So this is my first post in my art blog. I decided, to write a review of a mouse, i recently bought, and i could not find any reviews. Only a product page here.

I have a Logitech optical wireless mouse, that is really heavy and pointer jumps all over the screen due uneven and glossy surface of my table. I had to switch from optical to laser mouse. I found a Logitech RX1500 Corded Laser Mouse in the local internet store, it was also the cheapest laser mouse there. RX 1500 picked my attention by its visual appeal, and in my opinion it is the most beautiful mouse i`ve ever seen. Design is simple, no extra thumb buttons, that i sometimes accidentaly press, it has nice soft plastic for grip
. The symmetrical shape makes it suitable for the right and left hand and it feels really comfortable.

RX 2500 has a MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel. It is made of metal, with a comfort grip around. When in "freewheel" mode, wheel has enough mass to keep spinning for a while. Hyper-Fast scrolling is a nice feature, when scrolling through long web pages or documents. Unfortunately wheel does not function as a Middle Button, actually it has a button when pressing it down softly witch switches on "auto scroll mode", but this button cannot be programmable with "SetPoint". And when pushing down harder, it switches through "click-to-click" and "freewheel" mode. I mentioned Mouse Middle Button becouse I use 3D modeling programs and it is necessary to navigate through 3D space. Wheel is also clickable to left and right.

+1000dpi laser precision
+looks great

-Scroll wheel does not function as middle button

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