Nov 11, 2010


Jun 15, 2010

May 19, 2010

Speedpainting "Anna"

May 16, 2010

brush tests

some quick brush tests

Apr 27, 2010

a night`s work

Some oil paintings for academy of arts. ~2h each:

Apr 10, 2010


more info and download links HERE

Apr 5, 2010

some oil paintings

here are few of my old oil speed-paintings, I actually like.
done in 30min - 3 hours each

Perhaps I should stop posting my old works and finally make some new..

Mar 22, 2010

The Warriors: Street Brawl

Here are some (3 of around 30) of my drawings done for Xbox360 Live Arcade game The Warriors: Street Brawl seen during loading sequences. The game itself received quite poor reviews, but at least I enjoyed drawing these.

Mar 3, 2010

more bokeh

Mar 2, 2010

update on bokeh filter

not really meant for real-time rendering as it uses 150 - 330 samples to get this result.

glsl frag shader:

Feb 5, 2010

a GLSL depth of field filter with bokeh

This is my first attempt to make a depth of field filter with bokeh (
I couldn`t find any code example of bokeh effect, so I had to do it from a scratch. Basically I alligned texture samples circularly, instead of vertically and horizontally. That did the trick..

To do: make the bokeh shape hectagonal when apertuare value is raised.

GLSL frag. shader:

Feb 2, 2010

winter cityscape

another view from a window- this time the opposite one of my appartment.

approx. 1h 30min

Feb 1, 2010

a blizzard just starting

my first recorded process of a digital painting.

This is a 33 minute live speedpainting, no photo reference used. As always, done with my old Intuos4 and notebook in Photoshop.

A current view from a window of my room is depicted, though the power of the blizzard has increased.

Jan 29, 2010

Live Digital Paintings

Paintings are done with notebook and a Wacom tablet.
Mostly finished in 30min to 2 hours (usually till notebook`s battery depletes)